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Present Incubatees

S.No Company / Innovator Area of Operations Website
1 Aagnia Technologies Web &Mobile Applications www.aagnia.com
2 Aaral Exports Food Tech www.aaralexports.com
3 Accessible Engineering Innovation Corporation Pvt Ltd Electronics/IT Solutions www.aeicor.com
4 Alpha TEG Nano Sensors  
5 Ardor Biomed India Pvt Ltd Industrial Biotech www.ardorbiomed.com
6 Astrix Engineering Products Pvt Ltd IOT/Automation www.astrixengineering.com
7 Aswin Palanisamy Electronics  
8 Autoattend Web based Product www.autoattend.com
9 Ayyappan G MedTech www.stepxtechnology.com
10 BoatLoad Minds Pvt Ltd Foodtech  
11 Circuit Factree NanoTech www.circuitfactree.in
12 Cloud SCS Technologies Pvt Ltd ICT www.cscs.io
13 Cognitica AI Pvt Ltd IoT Automation www.cognitica.ai
14 COITOR IT Tech Pvt Ltd Virtual Dressing Room www.coitor.com
15 Corechip Technologies Pvt Ltd Engineering / Product Design www.corechiptech.com
16 Dhanajeevam Lifesciences Biotechnology  
17 Diffuson Coatech LLP Engineering / Product Design www.diffuson.in
18 Dolomeedes Robotics Pvt Ltd Engineering  
19 Dotworld Technologies Electronics www.dotworld.in
20 Ease My Care Health Services Pvt Ltd Healthcare www.easemycarehealth.com
21 EBITS Techcon   Enterprise Solutions www.ebits.co.in
22 Elies Boitech Private  Limited Biotech www.eliesbiotech.co.in
23 Elmech technologies Medtech  
24 EReKY labs Pvt Ltd Industrial Biotech www.erekylabs.com
25 Evidenzum Systems Pvt Ltd Web & Mobile Applications  
26 G Solutions Software Development  
27 Genomatics Pvt Ltd Bioinformatics www.genomatics.in
28 G-Net solutions India Pvt Ltd Web solutions & Enterprise Solutions www.g-netsolutions.com
29 Gokul P Electronics  
30 Green ECM Technologies Web Solutions www.greenecmtech.com
31 GREENERG Mobility Solutions Pvt Ltd Elecronics www.greenerg.in
32 Gut-i-care Pvt Ltd Healthcare  
33 Hivecrest Technologies Pvt Ltd Software Development  
34 Hoglund Marine Solutions Manafacturing www.hoglund.no
35 Innpharx Research Pvt Ltd Healthcare www.innpharxresearch.com
36 Iovate Technologies LLP ICT/Retail www.iovatetech.com
37 IOZ SOT Pvt Ltd IoT based intelligent security system www.inventorsofzero.in
38 Jaden Solutions Web solutions, Software development & SEO www.jadensolutions.in
39 Kambaa Incorporation Mobile Applications www.kambaaincorporation.com
40 Katomaran Technology and Business Solutions Energy – Automation www.katomaran.com
41 Log Base Technologies LLP Cloud based Point of Sale Application www.logbase.io
42 Market Monarch  Education www.schooldigitalmarketers.com
43 Mechcreatio Industrial Solutions Pvt Ltd Agritech www.mechcreatio.com
44 Mechinex Engineering / Product Design www.mechinex.com
45 Michael A Healthcare  
46 Morbium Technologies Software Development www.morbium.co
47 MS IT Park Pvt Ltd ICT www.msitpark.org
48 Murtaza Aliakbar ICT  
49 Nanogene Healthcare  
50 Oneomics Pvt Ltd Healthcare www.oneomics.in
51 ORCAS Product Development www.orcas.in
52 Phison Agritech Pvt Ltd Agritech  
53 Plantec Industries Biopolymers www.plantec.in
54 Prashanth P Textile Technology  
55 Proteogine Biotech LLP Biotech www.proteogenie.com
56 Ravi Nallakrishnan Healthcare  
57 Rini W M Healthcare  
58 Sacra Systems Pvt Ltd R&D, System Integration, Product Development www.sacrasys.com
59 Samson Corporation Solar Products www.yuvrajenergy.com
60 SBNA Software's Solution Pvt Ltd Enterprise Solutions www.sbna.in
61 Scanflow Pvt Ltd Software Development  
62 Seragen Biotherapeutics Pvt Ltd MedTech www.seragen.co
63 Simgrosys Consulting Services Pvt Ltd Engineering Services www.simgrosys.com
64 Sivatec Solutions Software Development www.sivatec.com
65 Spacim (OPC) Pvt Ltd NanoTech www.spacim.co.in
66 Sproutwings Telematics Opc Pvt Ltd Embedded and Cloud Solutions www.sproutwings.in
67 Squareshift Technologies Pvt Ltd ICT www.squareshift.co
68 Srinandh ICT  
69 Steam-A Pvt Ltd ICT www.steam-a.com
70 Swab Nanosolutions Pvt Ltd NanoTech https://swabnanosolutions.web.app/
71 Tekmedia software Services Pvt Ltd Software Development www.tekmediasoft.com
72 Terracarb Pvt Ltd Graphene Manufacturing www.terracarb.com
73 Unilogic Technologies Pvt Ltd Industrial Automation www.unilogic.in
74 Uninett Technology ICT  
75 Universal Snakebite Education & Research Organisation Nanobiotech www.user.org.in
76 UX India Studios Pvt Ltd Design Studio www.uxindia.com