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S No

Name of the Innovator

Name of the Projects

Grant/EiR in Rs.lakhs


Mr Vineeth Muthanna Switch Mid-drive System 4
2 Mr R Santhosh Codebox-A Physical Compute Module for Teaching 4
3 Mr Jayaguru Jayabalan Automatic Precision Seed Metering Device 4
4 Mr R Aravind Autonomous Mobile Robots For Large Area Sanitization and Material Handling 6.85
5 Mr P Suresh kumar Commercialisation of GAIT Monitoring and Fall Prediction Device 6.8
6 Dr Krishna Kumar Automated Nursing Bed for prevention of Bedsores 7
7 Mr K Karthikeyan “EVings” – API for EV  6.5
8 Mr Ayyappan Gait Simulator  7
9 Mr Nagavijay Sivakumar Autonomous Touchless Bathroom Cleaning (ATBC) Robot 7
10 Mr M Sharat Chandar Gyaanbee - Personalized Learning Aid for NEET Biology 7
11 Dr R Rajendran Design, Fabrication and Validation of IPMSM with Hairpin    Winding Stator with High Performance and Low Cost for Electric Vehicle 7
12 Mr S Kailash WROXAI - Electric autonomous boats  4
13 Mr S Srikanth Online I-V Tracer for Per String Monitoring and Maintenance   of PV Panels 4